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For those of you who don’t know, BizBuddyHub is the brainchild of a period of time I have spent reflecting on what I could do to make a difference…

For those of you who don’t know, BizBuddyHub is the brainchild of a period of time I have spent reflecting on what I could do to make a difference. I have lived in the Western growth corridor for nearly 10 years and have witnessed unabated growth, little investment into infrastructure, gridlocked commuters and bootstrapped micro-business and a very weak local economy.

But what I have also witnessed is a smart and innovative and caring community that is passionate about our local area. I have met some fantastic people who are keen to make a difference, whether it be fundraisers for those in need, finding solutions to keep graffiti at bay, taking on council to re-build our iconic pirate ship and the bigger issues of saving our green wedge, addressing schooling and security needs etc.

While getting involved in these projects it occurred to me that we could provide a solution to strengthen our local economy, get people off the roads and saving 2-4 hours of their commuting day and create a culture of collaboration between local business etc. if we could find a coworking space. No easy task when there is a lack of broadband, office space and it needs to be accessible and have easy parking.

As I started to join the dots, I found a great excitement for the idea not only from local small business and commuters but also in talking to the bigger end of town and our local and federal MP’s. At this point we are negotiating with Victoria University for under-utilised space at the East Werribee Campus and we see great synergy and opportunities for collaboration with our local Small Business’ and the Student body in this space.

We are very honoured to have Tim Mahlberg,  founder of NAB Village and currently doing his PhD on “The Future of Work” at the University of NSW as a champion of the BizBuddyHub concept. Tim is tutoring a team of 70 Master of Commerce Students who are designing the BizBuddyHub concept around our needs.

Its early days yet and lots to do, we are building momentum by running a campaign of Pop-up coworking events in the local area and I have lots of work to do to build corporate support and partnerships to get this grassroots initiative off the ground. Please sign-up, show up, support and get behind us. We want to change the world one postcode at a time. We Live LocalWe Work Local and We Love Local! and we would love you to join us on our journey.

Many thanks

Founder BizBuddyHub


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