We are making some changes

Now is a great time to get onboard with BizBuddyHub! we are looking to work together to help you build your peer groups in the community.

A great time to make the BizBuddyHub tools your own!

We know how much you enjoy catching up with peers at BizBuddyHub coworking days and social gatherings, and we also know there are many great networking and referral groups around. We would like to offer the ethos and systems over to you to utilise and create your own amazing events and get togethers and peer groups.

Powered by BizBuddyHub!

Now is the time for you to think how you can create a peer group community and utilise the tools of BizBuddyHub! that’s right, we are turning the tools over to you! We have a great toolkit at BizBuddyHub and we know the value of having strong systems that allow everyone to connect and build the local marketplace.

Have your own name and your own Brand? no problem! use our tools and be “powered by BizBuddyHub”

What’s next?

If you already run group, events or activities or, would like to – we want to hear from you, let’s build this next piece together! you focus on creating a great community and we will provide the tools to connect the dots and add value to all.

Get In Touch Now!

We want to test this next piece in Beta so we are creating a focused group  to help build out what is most important to you and your community, the cost/affiliate structures etc and of course early birds always get the worm. So be a founder Рand get in touch today :

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