Welcome to BizBuddyHub, we are all about collaboration and inclusivity and how we can make our community better, stronger and safer.

We do not believe that small business should be competing with each other as this keeps you small and focused on micro opportunities. We believe collaboration allows all of us to access much wider opportunities and grow.

We believe in honesty, integrity and paying it forward. We welcome all members from all walks of life but, what is important to us is our values of “what problem can I solve?” and “what difference can I make?”

While it is important that we have good discipline around building business, it is also equally important that we share knowledge and contacts and take others along on the same journey. It is important that our Brand and BizBuddies are beyond reproach, and are professional and have good standing in the community. It is with this in mind we ask you to provide referees who will vouch for you before we accept your membership. Please contact us  if you require more details.

Please note this is a collaborative coworking community, and a peer-to-peer marketplace not a transactional networking group! This means that you should make an effort to engage with other members and build relationships and from that, find natural synergies and serendipity for opportunities to work together or add value to your respective businesses or clients.


  • Join our members only Collaboration group
  • Like our public BizBuddyHub Facebook page as both you and your company page
  • Like your fellow BizBuddies pages and connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Follow us on social – Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook we love it when you shout out and mention @BizBuddyHub in your business posts #bizbuddyhub #livelocal #worklocal #lovelocal #shoplocal #futureofwork #PointCook #Wyndham #yoursuburb #your municipality #collaboration  – this increases your reach and that of our members
  • Please share interesting information and like each other’s posts and celebrate and support each other on social and in person
  • Please make an effort to attend events, even if it’s just the monthly birthday bash social
  • Please invite other local business people of good standing along to events
  • Always be transparent, work to build trust, credibility and firm foundations within the membership
  • Build your bio, share all your skills and contact links, please disclose any affiliate or commission based products you are involved with.

And a few DON’Ts (just in case):

  • Fellow co-workers are not “prospects” so no recruiting or selling please. Opportunities will come without the pitch
  • Do not switch Agenda’s on co-workers or guests – be clear about what you want to meet up about
  • Don’t waste your Co-workers time, many BizBuddies make their living on billable hours and are very happy to share knowledge and give advice. But always ask for a quote if you want them to spend time working on something for you

Our ethos is simple: “TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More” if this is you and you want to be part of the movement that is BizBuddyHub – Welcome!