Have you met our BizBuddy Sudhir?

I run my business Brands and Biz with the mission of empowering the dreams of people I meet in the local community

Hi, My Name is Sudhir Juneja. I am an old, but new BizBuddy and a passionate Geelong supporter.

I have lived in Point Cook and in the West for nearly 10 years. My family consists of my lovely wife Honey, two beautiful daughters Aashima and Gayatri. Aashima is studying medicine and Gayatri is doing her VCE. We have a darling pet, Simba, a Japanese Spitz, always full of playful energy who loves matching our family’s core strengths.

I run my business Brands and Biz with the mission of empowering the dreams of people I meet in the local community, I believe we have huge potential which is not fully utilised and often goes untapped. My objective is to unleash that potential which each one of us has as individuals and as businesses.

I am motivated and inspired by positive people who work with the clear objectives in mind and I avoid alignments based on political reasons or objectives. Many people don’t know that I work in the area of happy families in local area and lot of my time goes into bringing people together and helping to resolve family disputes. I am a campaigner against family violence.

I am part of BizBuddyHub as I like to network and add more value to businesses in the B2B space and grow both my and others’ businesses. I believe in collaborating as each one of us has unique strengths. Many a times collaboration is perceived as a non-commercial and non-profit activity. I believe we all are here in a commercial space and need to pay bills and our ‘banks’ so we should make money as well while collaborating. Having said that, am happy anytime to help anyone in distress as part of my social responsibility.

I offer out of the box solutions due to my varied experience and local knowledge in sales, marketing and supply chain. I can’t guarantee, but the success rate of businesses taking my consulting services is very high and sales have grown from modest 10% – a booming 300% in a span of 1 year.

I work a fair bit in the community space. I have founded and established with a few mates, a local community based family club in Wyndham, called Western Gymkhana Club (WGC). My life story is incomplete without WGC. All are welcome at our club – we are building a community – Together

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