Silos or Collaboration

What would you prefer to work in a silo or a collaboration?….

I am rapidly coming to a conclusion about the world we live in, there are those that fight hard to maintain the status quo (for whatever reason – agendas are not always clear) and there are those that see something different, a better way, a more human way and a more altruistic way. We are very good at talking about what we don’t want, but, how often do we take the time to talk about what we do want?

So in the work that I do I come into contact with wonderful future thinking and selfless people who work hard for the community and for ideas that will make the world a better place. These conversations are enthusiastic, inspiring and leave one feeling excited and full of energy, the serendipity in the way we find each other and the magic that happens as we join the dots, realising we are not alone. But I am also becoming aware that we are the feather rufflers, the game changers who threaten the establishment and the status quo.

I also come into contact those that are totally confused about our motives or vision as it does not sit with their well formed idea about the way things are done. Some of these interactions can be extremely frustrating and sometimes just down right passive aggressive. I am sure I am not the only social entrepreneur who has found this to be true.

In the words of Jon Snow “Winter is Coming” in fact it may already be here. We still having universities offering degrees and masters for courses for jobs that no longer exist, and wonderfully well educated young people who are literally full time interns with the hope of securing a graduate job eventually. We are still studying case studies that made business successful in the 1900’s but not what is needed in the fast changing environment that we are in now. If you have been in your job longer than 5 years and have never experienced churn or have faced redundancy then you are extremely lucky and I would suggest not the norm. If you think you are going to secure a job and do it for a lifetime for the same company I say “You’re Dreaming!”

I say again, in the digital world we are living in, it is not the digital innovation we should be focussing on rather the digital disruption. What do people do when they no longer need to be doing the work a machine or a computer will do? Well I say this is a good thing we can go back to being people, do we still remember how? Do we know how to build community and work together on solutions, do we encourage our kids to try their ideas and develop resilience to failure and the ability to get up again and have another go.  Do we know what currency we really trade in or are we just sheep from the Industrial revolution.

There are some of us who are focussed on a vision for the future of work and the future of community and how we can make our local area economically viable, socially cohesive and a village that raises our children. Why not check us out

Our ethos is to Live Local, Work Local and Love Local and we seek to work collaboratively with all elements of our society. Will you join us?
In our ecosystem vision for the Outer Metro West, we seek to incorporate:

  • An inclusive community model where all are welcome
  • Children and Youth through pre-school, after-school and school holiday programs that can keep children in the fold and on location where their parents work
  • A collaboration of learning, mentoring and on the job activities with youth to keep them engaged and part of the community as they figure out their next steps through life and work
  • A fully functional Work in your own postcode option for corporate employees
  • A mixed use Hub of small business/freelancers from professional services, creatives and trades and makers in a coworking, collaborative setting of desks and spaces
  • Innovation, Incubation and Accelerator programs
  • Food, hospitality and local events

We are very excited that we live in a growing community, but we are also mindful that we need to step up, have a vision and show leadership if we want to live and work in a community that thrives. We are very focussed on the social and economic KPI’s and the culture of community that is required to achieve this.

Our ethos is “Live Local” “Work Local” “Love Local” and we would love you to join us on this journey.

We need you!

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