Meet our new BizBuddies Harley and Trish

Meet our cool and cruisy newcomers to Wyndham, Harley and Trish.

Meet our cool and cruisy newcomers to Wyndham, Harley and Trish.

Harley is originally come from Perth and Trish from Canberra. They have moved around a lot in recent years due to Harley’s employment but have finally settled in lovely Victoria. Completing  the brood are two crazy, loud, and totally adorable young children and the family dog who regularly feature in cute facebook updates.

The pair recently moved to Melbourne as Harley has a passion to start up a Brewhouse (in fact he has been perfecting the idea for many years in the garage). If you get him started Harley will talk your ear off about beer, the history of it, the chemistry of, what styles suit which food, he really will go on and on. Not only that, if you are lucky you might get a really good taster of it too!

Trish feels the same about money and financials as Harley does about beer, her passion for financials shines through and she loves to help new friends save their money and has recently joined another very well known BizBuddy at her financial planning business.

In business term’s both are are very much in the start-up phase of their journey to “create and drink beer” with friends and “save money,” so, if you believe you can help get them launched, or just wish to chat about either subject they are always happy to chat over beer, or lager, or Ale, or Weisse, or Trappist, or Witbier etc. You get the idea :).

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