Meet our BizBuddyHub Intern Mehreen

Smart, Talented and Passionate epitomises Mehreen who is a wonderful example of the forward thinking young people we have in Australia …….

Hi I am Mehreen

I was born and brought up in the northern province of India called Punjab and I consider myself fortunate to have earned different milestones of my life from a gamut of experiences from different parts of the world.

Being good in school in almost every subject including the tough ones like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other social sciences, art as a career option never framed up during my school times though I ended up dabbling in the leisure time. However, I felt the most relaxed and at ease with the colours, palettes and brushes and other accessories in my hands. That’s when I finally decided to turn my hobbies into my passion through the education and training in this domain.

I opted for four years of Bachelor of Design (Hons.) in Professional Design (Visual Communication) from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia. I worked as a volunteer in various settings and developed my ability to assist people from diverse backgrounds, culture and even from different domains of career. What people use to think or imagine, I used to capture and bring that imagination on canvas/ screen/ paper/ Celluloid, based on my graphic designer’s skills and creativity.

During my 10 weeks of internship as a graphic designer at Ogilvy and Mather, Ltd., a renowned Advertising Agency, I learnt that my inclination is towards Advertising field and it grew stronger after working for brands Vodafone, Dabur, Sony, and Amex. That’s when I decided I want to learn nuances of Advertising and Marketing in full detail, and chose to study Master of Advertising from RMIT University, Melbourne to learn the complete package of advertising and make my forte of graphic design more powerful.

My parents are the greatest motivation in my life who have really helped me reach where I am today giving me the freedom to choose a career path that I wanted to pursue fulfilling all my needs and wishes.

I believe that I am a bird who has taken the flight towards my goal but to make this flight more purposeful, I need to strengthen my wings with the opportunities that open different avenues for me in the future. BizBuddyHub has given me this opportunity and I meet wonderful people everyday who are passionate and professional and inclusive and this is developing my skills and confidence for the betterment of society and the world at large.


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