Meet our BizBuddy Liz

We have amazing talent in our local area of Wyndham, have you met our BizBuddy Liz?

Hey, I’m Liz. A local Graphic designer from Caliba Design and Branding. After growing up in a small rural farming town with less than 200 people in it, I have experienced firsthand the true meaning of community. My mother has always been a tireless community worker, volunteer, health advocate and involved in local government. I saw her make a huge difference in our area. But this farmer’s daughter decided to move to Melbourne at 16 to pursue further studies in the design field.

I had a variety of jobs whilst I was studying graphic design, from basic bookkeeping to telemarketing. After graduating I found employment quickly at two places. I did 9-2 at PR company in South Melbourne then started my next job from 3-11 at ACP publishing in Oakleigh, working on magazine layouts. They were long days so when an opportunity came up to work for Globe International I jumped at it. I worked in Apparel designing for many of the streetwear brands like Mossimo, M-One-11, Mooks and Paul Frank. It was then I decided that 9-5 left me to lots of spare time so I started my business Caliba. After 5 years I decided to move to Pacific Brands working for Everlast. Again designing apparel, swing tags, point of sale, advertising, and in store promos. I also got married and moved to Point Cook in 2006. After 4.5 years at Everlast, I had my daughter. My business Caliba was rapidly increasing leaving me the option of not returning to full time employment and enabling me to be my own boss.

Home based self-employment definitely has it challenges. For one, people don’t know what I do all day (including my husband) and assume I can drop everything and go out for coffee or take a nap. Also, it can get a bit lonely, especially when I feel stuck at a desk all day, talking to the walls. But on the plus side, I have been very blessed to have worked with amazing people that supported me by giving me lots of work and loads of referrals. Other benefits of working from home are being able to sing very loudly but more importantly not having to wear pants.

Before having my daughter, I was very disconnected to my local area, I knew a few people in my street but hadn’t made any real effort to meet people. Motherhood definitely forced me to get out in the community. Firstly, by council run mothers group and social media. It was through a Mums Facebook group catch up that there that I met some more amazing locals and came across a newly formed Point Cook Action Group. This is where my community spark was lit. I could see so much benefit the group was doing and got involved right away. It was through the PCAG that I found BizBuddyHub, supporting the community by offering local work spaces for co-working and collaboration with like-minded people. But more importantly, supporting the local economy and freeing up time with less commuting and more time spend with family. Another huge plus and a way forward for our future generations.

I now have many local clients and friends and I love the Point Cook community. My design business is going great guns and I attribute a lot of the new work to my local associates.


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