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Hi, My Name is Kristen I'm a user researcher & designer

Hi, My Name is Kristen I’m a user researcher & designer

I have lived in the local area for Werribee about 9 years with my partner and our daughter Drew. We also have a one-eyed dog and late last year a cat moved in. He’s pretty annoying.

I work part-time in an education startup and I am attempting to start up my own start-up. Or maybe I’ll just go back and get a proper job. I’ve given myself until the end of 2017 to sort this all out :).

I am motivated/Inspired/encouraged by people who lead with a vision for positive change and then work tirelessly to bring that vision to life.

Something that not many people know about me is I studied literature and film-making at uni. Two of the most employable areas of study! (not)

I am part of BizBuddyHub because I love the vision and I like to see positive stuff going on in Werribee and surrounding areas. I believe in collaboration because it’s the only way to go about things, work, personal life, friendship, our neighbourhood.  When we help each other out we’re all better off.

If you are building or reviewing your website, You should contact me as user experience is a very important factor to how people will engage with you, your product and your why – I work to answer these issues up front and ensure we  take a user-centred design approach and create a profitable product?

Kristen Hardy

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