Meet our BizBuddy Emma

We have amazing talent in our local area of Wyndham, have you met our BizBuddy Emma? .

Did you know, I’m a twin?  I also have twin brothers 11 months younger. I think what is special about us is that over 40 years ago (yeah I’m over 40!) this was very uncommon.  We were on the front page of the Herald Sun. The fact that my parents had 2 sets of twins under the age of 21 naturally was what was amazing at the time. Thankfully, I didn’t have twins myself. Yep I’m quietly relieved.

After my Accounting degree I travelled and worked abroad and went to many places around the world but decided there was nowhere quite like home. Here is where I met my hubby, built a house and got a bulldog.

We built in Point Cook 11 years ago the first house in the street. Have since had two 2 legged and many 4 legged children. Our first child (Winnie the Bulldog) is our guard dog! Many would know, she just snots on you….. we forgive given she is 14 this year.

After starting a family and having suffered a major loss, I decided that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t for me as I so wanted to be home with my kids. I needed to find an income to allow this, hence atwholesale2u was born. I definitely fell into printing, discovered I had a creative gene that I certainly wanted to keep using. We have been evolving since 2010. I originally started the business as a hobby, my love for bulldogs was where it started. My husband and I breed British Bulldogs and love this breed very much. We volunteer our time to the Western Bulldogs to use ‘Sid’ as their mascot.

Why? to promote the breed as an amazing dog. Most people are scared of the breed and are not sure about them. Sid has been a great ambassador for the breed and has certainly shown many that they are very gentle and quiet placid dogs. I wanted to bring a range of products out with funny captions and cute Bullie faces. However,  my timing was dismal, the year of the black fires meant that my launch was disastrous. The project was put on hold in order to concentrate on building a business for income.

The experience taught us one thing, in small business it is hard to have an idea and test it without spending a lot of money. It can break you if something happens that is out of your control. So this is where Atwholesale2u started to develop into a business to help other small businesses get off the ground. Not only with branding but allowing people with new ideas come to full reality.

We also like to support local projects. We work from home. This allows us to keep the overheads down and pass on the savings to our customers.
We live local and work local and have made lifelong friend in this Community and we see BizBuddyHub as an extension of the wonderful goodwill the local Community has for each other.

Whether you are looking for a customised one-off or a large print run, we have the know-how and ability to make it happen and if you see anyone and their dog in their BizBuddyHub T shirt you will know atwholesale2u something to do with it!


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