Meet our BizBuddy Dita

We have amazing talent in our local area of Wyndham, have you met our BizBuddy Dita?

I am an artist, the kind that always gets fabulous ideas in the middle of doing something else, the kind that always thinks in colour, the kind that dreams so big that people often laugh at her… I am also a mom of two adorable kids and wife of an awesome husband.

In my previous life, I worked in the very competitive IT industry until about 2.5yrs ago when I finally had the courage to decide that it was not meant for me. That was when ‪meetDita was born. I have always been an artist at heart but to be able to be a full time artist is the best thing that could have happened to me. I was arty from when I could hold a pencil and I started thinking creatively from when I cannot remember. And to be able to make my passion my work is fantastic. I cannot express how much I love my ‘job’! I consider myself lucky to be able to be excited about my day when I open my eyes in the morning and to go to sleep with an unique sense of calm every night. With the love and encouragement of my family, I have also gone back to Uni and this time I am studying what I always loved…Art!

We have lived in Point Cook for the last 4 yrs and the best part of living here is being able to work from here. We have a very young and dynamic population always striving to get a better quality of life. . My studio is the space to encourage one to get lost in their imagination. It is the medium of bringing fantasy back to reality via art. It is where we see the world with rainbow lenses and find joy in creativity. And I hope that by working out of my studio in Point Cook I am able to add that tiny bit of extra brightness to the life of a Point Cookie!
BizBuddyHub is such a wonderful platform to connect with like minded individuals that have had the courage to dream a little bigger, people that think outside the box and have made a difference in their own lives and all the others that they provide services to. I am sure you will find exactly what or who you need in this eclectic mix without having to travel too far from your own backyard. And if you are looking for anything arty or if you want to bounce off that random idea running around in your head you now know who exactly to contact! Check out my listing!

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