Meet our BizBuddies from Telstra Point Cook

Locals serving Locals is what this is all about and our BizBuddy team at Telstra Point Cook are no exception, they live local, work local and shop local and epitomise what we mean about collaborating global

 Locals serving Locals is what this is all about and our BizBuddy team at Telstra Point Cook are no exception, they live local, work local and shop local and epitomise what we mean about collaborating global

Craig Kennedy runs the Telstra Shop and Telstra Business Centre in Point Cook and Moonee Ponds, and has lived in the local area all his life. He got into the business because of his desire to work locally and be available for his family; wife Julie and kids Jordan and Renee. Craig is motivated by the fact that he and his team can make a genuine difference in the way businesses communicate by using new technology and has lead by example in not losing the human touch in engaging at a local level to ensure technology is readily available and demystified for the community.

Not many people would know that Craig plays the Piano “just a little” he says humbly.

Craig is part of BizBuddyHub because he believes in the concept of co-working and collaboration and that we can all learn from each other and support each other through shared experiences.


Ryan Amparo works as the Store Leader of the local Telstra Store in Point Cook, and has been since 2010. He has lived in the local area for over 26 years. Ryan’s hectic family life is made up of his wife Florian, and two busy little boys Renzo (Renzomatic) 3, and Rafael (Rafa) 1, and a dog named Paris.

Ryan says; “I love working with people, and seeing them develop into sales professionals who have a passion for ensuring that our customers our treated like their own family members. I love working locally as it enables me to connect, and relate to the customers that walk into our stores, and I feel like a valued member of our organisation.

I am driven by personal and professional growth, and ensuring that I am always a better version of myself each time.

As cliché as it sounds, my family is my inspiration, and they also drive me insane!!! But they make me want to be the best leader I can be so that I am able to provide them with option for their future, just like my parents did when they decided to relocate us from Philippines back in 1991.

Something that not many people know about me is I have an addiction for sneakers!!! In our household, I own more shoes than my wife and kids put together!!!!

I am part of BizBuddyHub because I want to be connected to my local community, and work alongside with like-minded people who will continue to assist me in continuous improvements through personal and professional growth.

Being part of something that matters, and worthwhile is an area that had intrigued me in joining the BizBuddyHub, and, so far it has enabled me to meet new people, and solidified why I initially joined the group.

I believe in collaboration because as the saying goes, many hands make light work. Being able to work alongside like-minded people, who also will have differences in experiences, knowledge and opinions will allow for a much better solution or end product. Collaboration opens the door for opportunities and future opportunities that makes difference.

I am a local guy, who genuinely cares about people. I am easy going, and down to earth, but at the same time, I love to have a good time. I feel that my experience in the telecommunications industry, along with many years in retail will enable me to assist anyone that reaches out, and I will genuinely guide you through your concerns”.


Telstra’s Local Marketing and Events Coordinator,  Luciana Manrique has lived in the local area of Point Cook for almost six years with hubby Armando, two grown-up boys Joaquin and Valentin and doggies Robin Hood and Alice. Since starting work at the Telstra Business Centre in February last year, her inner passion of seeking strategic alliances with businesses and trusted community relationships has found a new channel of expression.

“As a journalist but also as a full-time community member, I am attracted to a spirit of cooperation, integrity, team work and willingness to serve others. This is not just a vague desire for me – it’s a priority. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work and live in this city, where I can grow both personally and professionally.

I am motivated by the holistic idea of collaborating for a sustainable future in which the environment, economy and social justice are treated with respect, hope and fairness to secure a happy life for today and for generations to come. Communication, to me, is one way of achieving that future, but collaboration – in all senses – is the key.

Something that few people know about me is that as a footy fan, I’ve recently decided to barrack for the “Roos”; not just because of all the work they are doing to support my local community, nor because they won on the day I attended a game – because they didn’t – but because I loved the colour of the outfit! The blue and white of my South American flag still run in my veins. When my Argentinian soccer team play in Australia this year, I will make a big fuss, hopping all over the place!

I am part of the BizBuddyHub because I believe that building local economy is a pathway to create a prosperous community. This innovative hub is reinvigorating local spaces where people get the chance to meet each other; where co-working communities can find a way to connect, communicate and build trust; where local talents and creative people can innovate and advocate, and solidarity not only connecting supply and demand at the peer to peer level, but also matching the need of residents to live local, work local and love local.

I support the idea of collaboration as a tool to optimize our existing assets and create high-value services. The collective contributes to community growth, we are all interconnected. The African term of Ubuntu “I am what I am because of who we all are” affirms our humanity by acknowledging that of others and encourages all, as a team, to be that change that we wish to see in the world.

I can’t wait to meet the new spectrum of tones, adventures, and emotions that each BizBuddy will bring into our local hub”.

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