The Insightful Director

Governance Specialist and Podcast Host

Hi, I am Jodie Willmer, I am a governance specialist and host of The Insightful Director Podcast.

I’m also an experienced coach and mentor who works with directors and boards. I meet them on their level and help them grow. My mantra is ‘evolution, not revolution’.

Having done governance the hard way myself, I’m deeply motivated and committed to making governance easier, less stressful and more fun for everyone.

I help people to :

  • Understand their personal goals and how their board role fits in
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Reduce stress and be happier by overcoming difficult situations
  • Get more of the right things done by being more effective and productive
  • Speak up and be heard

Some of the people I work with include :

  • Individual directors, boards, executive teams and support staff
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Health, disability & human services
  • Purpose driven organisations & conscious businesses
  • Entrepreneurs, small businesses, family businesses and start-ups
  • Peak bodies & membership associations
  • Local governments, cities, councils & municipalities
  • Contracted agencies
  • Community development & leadership programs
  • Education, schools & committees

My services range from one on one coaching, group workshops, facilitation and keynote speaking.

The Insightful Director is a podcast about governance that aims to both stimulate and inspire. Listen as I interview a fascinating and diverse range of people on boards and those who report to boards.

Tune in via  iTunes or Stitcher

Got governance on your mind? A problem shared is a problem halved. Let me help.




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