Local is at the Heart of What we do!

CoLocal is a not for profit specifically created to connect community and local organisations around local projects and initiatives that build social capital and local economy.

So you are wondering what CoLocal is all about? If you google it in scientific terms it means occurring in the same cell. We think this is kind of apt as community advocates with a passion for creating connection and collaboration and a strong inclusive community that can live and work and support one another in the local space.

Our journey over the last few years has seen a number of us collaborate with many local stakeholders and work on lots of local projects, that have delivered or created fantastic outcomes, built social cohesion, advocated for better resources and amenities etc. and we wondered how we could create a better, scalable system to work together.

We often see many hardworking individuals, community groups, local business and local organisations working hard in disparate ways to solve common problems.

We aim to build capacity and shared resources that allow our community to do more together, aligning a shared vision that creates a sense of belonging and pride and encourages a supportive local economy.

How will we do this? you ask…..Well, the start point is leading by example and creating a strong vision and mission supported by a viable governance structure that focuses on accountability, transparency, and the bigger picture and leverages partnerships and collaboration. Early days it will be seeking grants to do local projects with big social and local economic benefits and building a membership and alliance of like-minded individuals, groups and organisations that are invested in seeing strong outcomes in the local space.

We intend to template this process so we can build capacity and support and auspice others to do the same.
We will be building our structure to support social procurement at the local level too! We know how hard it is for local, micro businesses and social enterprises to apply for tenders on their own and we know this needs to be supported from an agency perspective to enable pre-qualified local skills access to this bigger contracts and tenders .

We want to focus on building a values based organisation around real people, strengthening our communities to be able to be self-supporting and sustainable.

We cannot change the world but we figure we can work on making our local communities inclusive and supportive.
Is there room at the table? Hell Yeah! We need skills, partners, associates and sponsors who share a like-minded vision and are invested in seeing strong supportive systems working together.

Please reach out and help us build CoLocal – after all Local is at the Heart of what we do!

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