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Australian Luxury Knitwear

The Founder

Juliana Kim spent most of her childhood in her family’s activewear manufacturing company, where she had the opportunity to learn the ropes of the apparel industry. Being a Textile Engineer, she worked in different spaces throughout her career, both in Australia and overseas for the past 20 years. Jura Apparel was born as an urge to feed her passion for fashion but in her own terms. Discovering cashmere as a child, the memories of the soft touch mixed with luxury and simplicity never left her mind.


The Name

JURA is a family beach holiday house, overlooking Lorne Point in Victoria, Australia.  It was built in 1919, using the Knitlock concrete system, considered a revolution for being the precursor of modular homes. JURA is a connection to the Australian lifestyle and the innovation well ahead this construction method’s time. The “knit” concept of assembling pre-fabricated concrete blocks allowed flexibility for planning, creating sustainable, comfortable and contemporary homes at that time. We like how JURA sounds, how easily it can be pronounced in different languages and its association with the relaxed Aussie charm.

The Product

While natural fibres are biodegradable, when mixed with human-made fibres such as acrylic, nylon or polyester, they can take over 30 years longer to start decomposing into the soil. We only select yarns containing 100% natural fibres for our knitwear line.

A-grade Inner Mongolian cashmere yarn is featured in our knitwear collection. This quality of fibre is collected through a traditional method. Mongolian herdsmen use combs to remove the excess of underbelly hairs during the moulting season in spring. We are against animal cruelty and only work with ethical suppliers who share our ethos – we are a business based on fair and ethical manufacturing principles. Our foundations are built on responsibility and respect for all the resources and people involved in the lifecycle of our knitwear, going against the current textile industry, which is dominated by larger corporations specialised in fast fashion.


The process

Our production processes follow the highest quality standards while being environmentally sustainable. We focus on elimination of production wastage while providing more comfort and better fit by removing seams of the garment.

The price

Selling directly to end consumers allows a fair price offer of a luxurious product manufactured under identical circumstances, as traditional household brand names. We focus on long-term relationships with customers who share same views on sustainable slow fashion, quality of heirloom garments combined with an ethical manufacturing approach.


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