Lessons learned from Pirates (true story)

This is a true story about the power of vision, collaboration and community….

Yes, this is a true story! A while ago our iconic local pirate ship park was burned down, much to our horror and disappointment. The story got worse because as time went on it was apparent that it was not going to be replaced .

  1. Pirates are proud of who they are!

As a community whether you had young ones, or were just young at heart the pirate ship was a symbol of something special, our unique Point Cook pirateness if you like. We all tried hard individually and at public gatherings to make our voices heard, but to no avail. Apparently, Pirate ships are magnets for delinquent behaviour and should be cast out as the anti-social menace to society they are and the insurance money spent on something safer like a dubious piece of public art.

This, my friends was just not going to wash for the piraty people of Point Cook, and an amazing thing happened, complete strangers started to meet up and collaborate with a united vision to replace our beloved ship atop its lofty perch at Bayview Park.

We started to figure out next steps, we created a Facebook group, we challenged the status quo and we started a petition, some connected with media to keep the story going, others shared information that was critical to challenging erroneous facts. Others, offered to redraw an alternative design closely resembling the burned ship but taking into account issues with the former design to make it safer and stronger and less vulnerable to attack. Others including local children, covered the safety fence with posters while others did a fundraiser for the ship. Some produced video and, we all pulled together for a community day at the park to get consensus on the community alternative plan.

09/09/15 Pirate. point cook residents want to fund new playground. photo by kristian Scott

  1. Pirates are not afraid of stormy waters!

There were times when it looked like the game was over and nothing could be done to turn back the clock, but we persisted, even storming the council chamber with bands of little pirates.

  1. A pirate’s mission is to work together to find the treasure!

Eventually, a result! it was agreed to replace our ship atop the hill and just 2 years later we are all delighted to see the mast and the foundations being put in for the made offsite ship to be installed.

So, this is a story about pirate ships, but, it is, also about community, having a vision and coming together in collaboration for the greater good. This is a story about a ship and the power that people have in working together for a common goal.

We are simply stronger together and when we agree to put our personal needs aside and look at what is important, we have the capacity to pull together and make it happen. We can overcome obstacles and work to our strengths and do not worry about who is getting the glory or who is doing the most or the least. Did we have arguments? Sure, did people get on each other’s nerves? Sure, did it matter? No, we were simply the instruments to get it done.

This is a story about community but it is also a story about what we can achieve with a vision. This is a story about challenging the status quo and not taking no for an answer. This is a story about resilience and collaboration and giving each other room to do what we do best and just getting on with it.

This is also a story with no “what’s in it for me” this was all about “This is important to us”

The best thing is we went into this as strangers and we have come out of it friends and neighbours, we have come out of it proud to be part of our community and excited for the future. We have also realised the importance of stepping up and providing leadership.

Our pirate ship journey is not yet done, we have a launch, and, a big party that we need to have to celebrate and, we have a multitude of new young recruits who are yet to be acquainted with the joys of being a pirate!

Yes, there were many, many people who came together, some with children, some without, some lived close by the ship and others not. This was a collective effort, so many people across many walks of life working together to achieve a common goal. This is why I love being a pirate

  1. Pirates have lots of fun being pirates 




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