It’s a long road……

It’s a long Road, especially for us Outer Metro Suburbanites….

Every conversation I am having at the moment revolves around the lack of infrastructure in the outer metro growth areas and the issue with roads, access to jobs and quality of life. There seems to be lots of articles about it and it certainly seems to be something that the councils and state and federal Mp’s are all talking about..but is anyone listening?

I wonder if we, the community have been taken on a ride for so long that we have forgotten that it is our voice and our responsibility to stand up and show leadership for what we want our community to be? One thing is for sure if we do not take action and start creating our own vision and our own solutions we are only going to get less and less of what we need, want and aspire to

BizBuddyHub is a grassroots movement rapidly taking shape, making the community’s problems our problems to solve and creating a culture of collaboration and trust, that together we can achieve more and truly create the future of work/future of community model that truly works for hardworking outer metro families.

We need you!

If you haven’t already, get in touchsign up, show up, like our page, ask us! – we need all the stakeholder support we can get to make this vision a reality. If you are working for a corporate and would like to work locally, speak to us and your employer! If you live locally and run a business, join us, we are already joining the dots and doing great things in the here and now and you can be part of the founding members who are making this vision a reality. If you are a corporate, get in touch! We need your support and you as champions. If you are in government or an influencer we need you too.

To be kept up to date with our news – sign up here

We Live Local, We Work Local and We Love Local and we would love to have you join us on this journey.

Up and coming Events!

Pop up at Stella Maris Funday – 27th Feb

Pop Up Coworking Open Day at Western Bace – every 1st Tuesday of the Month

Pop Up Coworking Open Day  at Satwater Community Centre -every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Plus great member only activities:

  • Monday accountability Sessions
  • Coworking and Collaboration
  • Monthly Birthday Bashes

Lots happening – check them out here

A little bit of Love!

Thank You to the Womens Business Society for the honour and for the interview



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