What does Innovation and Collaboration really mean?

What does Innovation and Collaboration really mean? These are words that are thrown around a lot….

Well the last month has certainly been a roller-coaster, A LaunchVIC submission to put in, a plane to board and an amazing team of BizBuddies flying the flag and getting some local events to boom at the Werribee Learning Centre and the Saltwater Community Centre. We have had lots of grassroots support and it looks like we are getting some government and local stakeholder support too. We need to turn this support into action and transition from a movement to an ecoystem that actively nurtures local collaboration and innovation from an outer-metro perspective.

I am trying to see where the government has understood the outer-metro growth areas’ needs and I feel there is lack of understanding and a massive gap in terms of where they sit versus the metropolitan strategy and the regional strategy. We do not fit the 20 minute neighbourhood or the 30 minute cities model that have been touted and indeed it takes 2-4 hours a day to commute to city jobs from our local area.

We need to innovate locally if we are to grow a strong community model and connect and solve local problems. Our model seeks to do exactly that! Harness the local brainstrust, work collaboratively, offering a work in your own post-code option for you to work remotely from your employer, sharing knowledge and resources and solving problems and having a strong vision for our community that leaves no-one behind.

My call to government and those that are looking to get elected, think future, think about models that work for real people and invest where you can actually make a difference.

Innovation is not the sexy tech spaces that are designing apps, it is the workforce  and community adapting, working smarter, being less dependant on corporate structures and funding and teaching our kids how to think and solve problems and belong in a community that works economically and socially on all levels. Collaboration is thrown around a lot, but the truth is the government itself works in silos and is at odds with itself, collaboration is about stripping bare the fluff and getting real about relationships, building trust and the opportunity to be your best self that creates opportunities and solves problems.

Our ethos is to Live Local, Work Local and Love Local and we seek to work collaboratively with all elements of our society. Will you join us?



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