What the Hell is Community led Place Making?

It's great to be part of a community-led place making project in the Heart of Point Cook but what does that even mean?

It’s great to be part of a community-led place making project in the Heart of Point Cook but what does that even mean?

I know that’s what you are asking, so let me explain – In it’s simplest form it is spaces and places designed by people who will use them for people who will use them.

So we are very proud to be be working as part of a community team on our Neighbourhood project for a Pop Up Park in the Point Cook Town Centre.

The Neighbourhood Project, the Brainchild of CoDesign Studio is a practical bootcamp program designed to mentor Community leaders and Councils through local projects, removing obstacles and creating capacity to deliver community led projects. This will create a replicable model that can be used by communities and councils everywhere.

Lucinda Hartley – CEO of Co design Studio talks more about this process here.

So what are we getting up to?

We have put together a proposal to block of the restaurant quadrant of the Town centre and create a pop up park from 26th February till the 15th April 2018. This will have Astro Turf, outdoor furniture and shade and will be a mix of scheduled activities and organic activity, designed to let the local community meet each other and create connections in a “Third Space” in the heart of our Town Centre. It’s objective is two-fold; Create a stronger local economy and offerings that appeal to the community, and create connections between local residents and a natural meeting place.

The collaboration is a first for Wyndham City Council, Stockland Point Cook and our Community Team which is auspiced by the Point Cook Action Group.

So what is next?

We are pulling the framework together and the idea is to get local traders, local community groups and businesses and clubs excited and engaged and create an exciting program of activity that is by the community for the community. We will be at the Point Cook town square on Saturday 14th October from 11am till 3pm and will be actively seeking your input, there is also an expression of interest application that you can fill in in your are interested in supporting or getting involved.

Your engagement and Ideas count and no idea is silly, think longest lunches, breakfast picnics, outdoor cinema, arts and craft, exercise in the sun, music under the stars, afternoon tea parties or just siestas in the park. We are a young, growing and enthusiastic community and collectively we make our local neighbourhood a great place to live.

We are super excited to be part of this pioneer project and would love to see positive impact and a clear roadmap for others to follow and implement their own ideas.

So let’s all connect in the “heart” of Point Cook?


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