What is the Future of Work and why should we even care?

What is the future of work? We really should care and here is why….

“Innovation, Digital Disruption, STEM, the Uber of….” These are are words and phrases being thrown around a lot and there is are lot of photo opportunities for our politicians in cruisy tech spaces where people are designing those apps that will change the world. So is that it? is everyone supposed to be designing apps?

We also hear about “self-driving cars” and “30 minute cities” but we do not seem to acknowledge that not everyone wants or aspires to live in the big cities and if it is even workable to keep pushing this agenda. There are some of us, a groundswell you might say, that believe there is another side of the equation that is not well considered or discussed.

In the outer-metro and regional areas that people move to due to affordability and to be able to raise families and build community, we have glaring lack of focus and support to help build “The Future of Work” and a system that captures the local brains-trust to provide leadership and support that grows the local economy and creates social cohesion. We are just considered the growth corridors to feed the big city machine. Even then the investment required to move people from A to B is simply not there.

Has anyone considered how technology has not actually been utilised to keep people close to their kids and to be able to focus on output related paid work rather than showing up for work being the measure of performance? Has anyone put thought into what they might do when the jobs they are holding onto become redundant as technology and integrated systems become more efficient?

It is my belief that the solution lies somewhere in some of the old 101’s we had before technology, and, utilising technology to work for us not the other way around. We need to have a vision of the lifestyle and values we hold dear, we as humans have a strong desire to belong! We need a sense of community, we need to connect with each other and we all know “It takes a village to raise a child!”

We need makers, we need innovators, we need peer-to-peer mentorship and ways to engage our youth, migrant and aging communities in the process, a human way that encourages real interaction. Community needs to engage in the total situation and contribute to a vision that solves problems. That paid work and mentoring and volunteerism is all part of the way of life and we need to think in multiple currencies not just in the value of our hourly rate.

Collaboration, not silos! We need to evolve and organisations need to share knowledge and learnings rather than compete with each other. I have encountered many wonderful organisations in the NFP sector that should be collaborating with each other but are just not. We all hold pieces of the puzzle that can be solved if we work together.

The Opportunity exists to create a wonderful ecosystem out in the West, that we believe can be a pilot for “The Future of Work/Future of Community” An existing R&D facility that can also assist with start-ups in food business, provide space for corporate commuters, collaborative professionals (BizBuddyHub associates), creatives, makers and support start-ups and innovation in the local area:

A fully functional Work in your own postcode option for corporate employees
A mixed use Hub of small business/freelancers from professional services, creatives and trades and makers in a coworking, collaborative setting of desks and spaces
Innovation, Incubation and Accelerator programs
A collaboration of learning, mentoring and on the job activities with youth to keep them engaged and part of the community as they figure out their next steps through life and work
Food, hospitality and local events
We are very excited that we live in a growing community, but we are also mindful that we need to step up, have a vision and show leadership if we want to live and work in a community that thrives. We are very focused on the social and economic KPI’s and the culture of community that is required to achieve this.

Our ethos is “Live Local” “Work Local” “Love Local” and we would love you to join us on this journey.

We need you! It is very important that we have the numbers on the expression of interest to make this work as an option so please click the link below and let us know on the link below or pop in at DIAL to get a feel, Come along and cowork or have a coffee with us. To put in an expression of interest click here.

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