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So you are wondering what all the BizBuddyBuzz is all about right? These are some of the questions we get asked all the time. So what is in it for me? If you live local, or work local or want to – BizBuddyHub is about creating the connections and relationships that build community and trust

So you are wondering what all the BizBuddyBuzz is all about right? These are some of the questions we get asked all the time.


So what is in it for me?

If you live local, or work local or want to – BizBuddyHub is about creating the connections and relationships that build community and trust and allow us to collaborate. It is also about helping you connect and belong and find your niche market for your services or products, as well as peer support who are in it together. We are all local people supporting local.

Why do we need to collaborate? don’t we have networking groups?

Yes, there are many local networking groups and these are an important source of referral for business, and we support them all. But collaboration is a level above and requires a deeper level of commitment and sense of building something bigger than what you can accomplish as a single individual. BizBuddyHub welcomes and supports all local groups and is inclusive rather than exclusive.

What is the BizBuddyHub platform – is it a website?

The BizBuddyHub Collaborative Marketplace is like a collection of mini-websites and tools for local business, spaces, groups, programs and organisations, to list their business or offer, set up their e-commerce products and services, share their events, blogs and deals and collaborate in a member-to-member (peer-2-peer environment) in a supportive virtual space. This is your platform and engine room for your business and your news.

What would be the advantage of being part of the membership/marketplace?

You may have a website and you may have a great strategy that allows you to find your ideal customers, but, for most local people, it is incredibly complex to understand how to ensure your website can be found by your ideal customers and to be able to continue to market what you do effectively. Belonging to a local marketplace ensures you can be found by locality, by product or service as well as by being known as a local as both your business and as a local member of the community. You can do this to back links to your own website and Facebook pages etc or just have a very cost effective presence on BizBuddyHub

How does this work?

This is a lot like how business was done in the old days, you were simply a part of the “local” community, you were Joe, the go to guy for fixing your car, or Mary, the local dressmaker, you were also part of the local cricket team, or fundraising for the local school or hospital etc. This was human based.

Our model matches physical connection through our own Hosted events, BizBuddyHub supported events and our members own events, that may be around coworking, learning, networking, social or particular interest, as well as being able to be found online by locals and to be able to maintain the connection with other members via our collaboration tools. We also have a strong local area marketing function in being able to share your Backstory, Business, Offers, Deals, Events and Blogs via our social and email channels.

Why do you do this?

We believe that community and local is at the heart of everything we do, and our ethos is to build  sustainable and inclusive local economy, to do this we must create tools and connection and look for opportunities to find synergy between existing resources and knowledge and skills. We know that we are growing and we believe we should have an eye on the future and ensure our community is able to thrive and this will enable the grassroots community to be able to solve problems from the ground up in ways that were not possible in the past.

Who is BizBuddyHub for?

BizBuddyHub is for all local business, business and community or interest groups and programs, for those looking to connect or start-up a business. Local stakeholders, those who would like to optimise their business, share resources or find like-minded collaborators or simply just have a sense of belonging and being in it together. We work across resources like spaces, meeting rooms, existing serviced offices and those that might want to have a flexible share arrangement for their resources.

What does Collaborate Global mean?

As much as we are about living, working and shopping local – we do not believe that you can build local without being able to collaborate globally, we believe that you should be able to create a funnel of work coming into the local economy and community and to do this you should be able to collaborate globally, sharing and gaining knowledge and information. Local is the idea of living and building community and roots where you live and our focus is centred around the Plan Melbourne 20 minute neighbourhood model

What is Local and can I have this in my community?

Short answer, YES, Local can be your community, this was born in Wyndham but we are very keen to see Ambassadors emerge in their local communities and we are happy to work with you to help you build the same ethos and connection in your 20 minute neighbourhood.


Why is EOFY a good time to join?

Put simply if you purchase an annual membership as a business or individual now you will be able to offset it against your taxable income in the current financial year and it will only be due again at the end of the next financial year. You also make significant savings on our monthly plan.

Where do I Join?

You can join us here

Can I contact you for more information?

Sure, we love connecting – contact us here

We live, work, shop, support local and we collaborate global – we would love you to join us?

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