Do you run a Group or Events?

BizBuddyHub can support and showcase ALL your "local" events and by "interest" and a great way to simplify your planning and augment your marketing - get a broader reach and engagement across all channels!

If you run a group or events, you will know what I mean about getting the message out to your target market, getting people to attend and engage with you right?

Well, we have had a bit of experience at engaging with the local community, and we reckon we know a little about this. One of the big issues I have with emails and events is that I get bombarded and I really don’t have time to read or plan. As a busy person you have much to do in planning for and adding value to your members or attendees, so we want to make it a little easier, not only for you, but for your ideal members to find you.

We are building our platform from the ground up, we have found that while there are many great tools out there, there is far too much to do to ensure the marketing is done and that people know where to find the information about events. So we think being able to showcase “All” the local events and by interest is a good way to augment your marketing – get a broader reach and engagement.

If you run events or a group, collecting membership dues or selling tickets means using third party apps, or, dare I say it, still getting people to bank transfer into your account – so messy and time consuming. Our marketplace e-commerce tools means you can sell tickets, membership subscriptions, products and services directly from your listing, event or even your very own store on our platform. You essentially have all the tools you need with out the headaches or costs of maintaining a website or other tools.

More than this we share your content across all our channels and mail outs and we actively participate with you to build the community and connect you with like-minded collaborators. We all know how hard it is to be all things to all people so we have built tools that help us all work together to build a stronger more connected community.

And our Buddy Jane from My Other Kitchen is running in a Food Focus group in collaboration with Our Coworking Day @Emporio on May 2nd 2017 BOOK HERE

Our Buddies at Telstra in Point Cook have a great Breakfast event coming up on 5 May 2017 : BOOK HERE

Our Buddies at Werribee Bingo @Pacific Werribee are hosting their very first coworking day on 9th May 2017 BOOK HERE

If you would like to attend jump on and register for any of these amazing upcoming events and, if you run a group or host events please join us or get in touch

We Live Local, Work Local, Shop Local and Collaborate Global – we would love to have you join us on this journey of connecting our community.


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