Do you own a Space?

Run a cafe, restaurant, bar, workshop, studio or office? Are you fully utilised 24/7? Consider opening up your space for flexible coworking and or events!

Do you run a cafe, restaurant, bar, workshop, studio or office? Are you fully utilised 24/7? Most likely not and I bet you have a massive rental or lease to boot. Have you considered opening up your space for flexible coworking and or events?

At BizBuddyHub we focus on utilising and optimising local resources, skills and opportunities to help build the local economy and social cohesion. We know that empty space is unproductive space and that you not only lease per sq metre, you also lease 24/7. There is a ready market for flexible space users which can be a third income stream for your existing business.

You don’t need much more than what you already have, especially if you have coffee, wifi and a way to make quiet zones, meeting zones and a bit of community spirit.

We help you by hosting coworking days or events to kick off your coworking friendliness and give you the tools and systems to be able to manage and optimise the space and the energy within it.

Recently, we kicked off  Emporio Lounge and Grill in Point Cook. They have a great environment and a great service – but they have sections of the restaurant that are not utilised much especially in the weekdays. Our first event kicked off on Mar 28th and we co-hosted with Jane Del Rosso from My Other Kitchen – The Business of Food. We had a great time and met many new BizBuddies and created new relationships and I even got some work done. This event will now be a regular calender event for us – Book now for the next one. The best part is that Emporio has now become coworking friendly from Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5 pm and they welcome you to come, bring you laptop, your phone, your business cards and work and have your meetings from there. They charge a $20 cover charge which is redeemable against food or drink – so a no brainer really. Get a group of Buddies together and make it your office for the day.

As a member of BizBuddyHub, they can not only promote their existing business and events, but also offers and deals through our portal and they can create a much closer collaborative connection with the community.

Now our point is this – We want to build community and collaboration and this can happen anywhere that suits locals. If you have under-utilised assets – we can help you create “Third Spaces” and improve your community connection and bottom line.

It doesn’t take much – and we have found that it is not only desk/computer bound people who have this need for connection and spaces to work and meet, but makers and services too. So if you have a spare desk or office, room in your workshop or studio or even your kitchen, consider becoming coworking friendly and get in touch with us today

Our portal is super simple and at a cost of $33 per month or $299 per year for a BizBuddy Individual Premium membership. This gives you a mini website and e commerce store as well as a way to local market everything you do and build more collaboration and connection in the community. We love our BizBuddies and give you lots of exposure and attention.

Our video gives you a great overview of all the functions and abilities we offer and have coming up on our roadmap. We are passionate about “Local” and we believe that community really is the future and the best way to build the local economy and social cohesion and we are committed to building collaboration and opportunities for our members and the community at large.

We Live Local, Work Local, Shop Local and Collaborate Global – we would love for you to join us 🙂

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