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Book Now for "Innovate:Why Not" great conversations that will connect and engage business professionals who who are looking for an unique networking event.

Meet our collaborator Kerryn Powell from Your Time Matters

Kerryn is hosting the Your Time Matters 2017 Awards on 30th May.

Five diverse speakers including our Founder Sara will be speaking on “Innovate:Why Not” and great conversations that will connect and engage business professionals who who are looking for an unique networking event. Book Now

I look forward to helping you find the connections you need to achieve your goals

What I love and do best is build connections, communities and networks, facilitate learning and create an environment where relationships flourish and people support each other in reaching their goals.

I know that Time is not a renewable resource. I know your time matters and it is the relationships you build that are the key to your success. Networking enriches your life, personally and professionally.

I am  dedicated to helping individuals, business professional, and organisations find the connections,  seek out the opportunities and solutions and build profitable relationships that they need  to achieve what matters to them…whatever that is!

Networking is about having conversations, sharing experiences, challenging and endorsing ideas, learning new things, and creating exciting synergies and opportunities and providing support,  It’s not simply about giving and receiving referrals or making instant sales.

Networking is the art of building genuine connections with a wide range of people. It’s about crossing the boundaries of age, sex, industry, and experience and recognising that we all have something to contribute.

In 2013, I combined my teaching experience, ability to establish supportive communities and a love of running professional events and a fascination for learning the “why” that drives people to do what they do and created YTM Business Networking. Over the past 6+ years I have developed a unique, fun and effective structure that connects and engages like-minded people, through a variety of formats so that networking events don’t get stale or boring.

My  thought-provoking conversation starters help you explore and explain your business in ways that attract interest. Participants find that listening to others and answering questions about their own business helps them clarify and describe their value as they create meaningful connections with other business owners.

Small businesses face challenges, including isolation, cash flow and confidence. By talking about your business and having deeper conversations you can open up opportunities, create engagement and improve the customer experience. 


Over the past four years,  Your Time Matters has

  • Held over 55 events for over 1200 attendees generating 10,000 like-minded conversations
  • Had over 50 business insight speakers on topics that make your business the best it can be- Generated real and substantial closed business and confident referrals between members
  • Developed a unique networking structure to prompt purposeful and engaging conversations
  • Created YTM “WHY” Awards for business owners to showcase “why they do what they do”
  • Provided 1:1 and group business strategy sessions
  • Expanded our reach and community

And through our conversations with business owners, developed a range of ways to help you build a bigger and better business



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