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Well 2015 has been fun and we have moved from an idea, to a campaign to a movement! Now a start up model including the early beginnings of coworking to create a solution for outer metropolitan areas to build a strong local economy and community that is inclusive and collaborative and looks at ways to grow and work locally.

Our Vision to build a mixed use ecosystem out here in the West might sound audacious but is happening in other areas of the world and there is no reason why we cannot activate this here – Check out HereEast  Creative businesses growing in scale collide with businesses of scale growing in creativity.

We are pretty passionate out here in the West and it is great to hear Federal, State and Local government start to make the right noises and putting some thought into what the future of work and community might look like and how they can facilitate innovation, remove barriers to success and get proof of concept. Wouldn’t it be great to remove gatekeepers and legacy that keeps things standing still, or worse, backwards?

The truth is, none of us know what the future of work looks like, but the world is changing very rapidly and technology brings with it many opportunities as does our rapid growth. We need to create a strong local economy that centers around the 20 minute neighborhood model and, we need to find ways to make things better from a community level.  If we are to raise healthy, solid families with a future, we need to engage with our children and foster creativity and the belief in their ideas and having a go. We need to mentor our youth into productive pursuits and our education needs to have a strong practical element to it that connects with the real world. We need a holistic approach to community that is inclusive and collaborative and we need leadership from grassroots rather than be passengers in our own destiny.

Partnership and collaboration at grassroots with the major stakeholders in our government, our education system and our corporate players is imperative. The days of working in silos and placing blame and not owning the problem is gone, we have a responsibility to get this right for our children and theirs to come.

Now that I am off my soapbox lol, I would like to wish all our BizBuddies, Champions and Supporters a very festive holiday season with your loved ones and I wish you all good things on your journey into 2016, may it be full of health and serendipitous happenings that bring goodwill into your lives

We believe we have something for everyone and would love it if you would support this by joining up as a virtual member and contributing to the movement that is BizBuddyHub “Live Local Work Local Love Local

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