Bringing in the new and not forgetting the old!

It's 2017 and lots of crazy stuff happening in the world and locally here in Wyndham too!

Well it’s 2017 and some eventful things are happening at both a local and global level. It does seem to me that we have somehow seen this all play out before at other times in the world, and some of the outcomes have not been very good even if the impetus that created them was important to be heard.

Recently, a relative told me that we share 97% of our DNA with Chimpanzees. I wonder which percentage we operate out of most of the time? I would like to think that that 3% unique humanness has the capacity to learn, empathise and lead and figure out it’s more important to get it right rather than to be right. Although, looking at community in the chimpanzee world they do seem to have it a lot more in balance than sometimes we humans do.

We have an exciting opportunity in the world right now – a moment of truth you might say – to really think about the world we live in and how we might make it function better rather than how we can take care of number one? Thinking a little deeper on this issue – it is true that we can only start self-actualising when our hierarchy of needs are met! When basic needs like food, safety and belonging are not there, you will get a knee-jerk reaction when asking for more empathy and depth in looking at bigger issues.

My journey has led me to think about how I can solve problems and add value at a local level and create a like-mindedness about solving problems at a grassroots level. I cannot influence the world leaders but if we are truly sustainable at a local level and we create social cohesion where we live, we can become the voice of reason rather than be manipulated by the forces that control the political machine.

The last year and a half has been a very interesting journey of joining the dots, advocacy and simply engaging with locals on what is important to us all. This sense of belonging we have created with our little movement, has allowed us to build a system of connection and shared resources and this will be a very interesting year of testing, refining and learning.


We at BizBuddyHub believe in living local, working local, shopping local but collaborating global. We would love for you to join us on this journey.

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