BizBuddyHub Update – Planning for 2016

Are you planning for the Future?

Planning for the Future in 2016! Daunting? Raising questions like: what do I foresee in my future? What can I do to help me get there? And some big ones; where do I REALLY want my business to go? What sort of community do I want to belong to? What do I want for my family and my children? What sort of legacy do I want to leave for future generations?

These are all emotive issues and important questions that you should ask yourself as these issues do not exist in isolation. Now is the perfect time to take some action in order to be prepared for the year ahead.

So how does BizBuddyHub fit into the above? Well, we started from a community angle and what problem we can solve:

The 20 Minute Neighbourhood.


Some great work was done by the previous state government on Plan Melbourne and is now named “Plan Melbourne Refresh”. The concept of everything being within 20 minutes of where you live, while not new, is certainly something that we have lost sight of in recent times, while we have been focussing on infrastructure and traffic issues. We know that some 70% of our local community has to commute to their jobs and it takes between 2-4 hours a day to get to and from work, we also know that a lot of these jobs are not customer facing and could be done locally if a fit-for-work environment existed. We also know that some 30% are self-employed or a micro-biz in the local area and would either love to work in a local collaborative environment or would certainly interact and benefit from a local collaborative mixed use environment. We also know that this type of environment will benefit the local economy, will provide leadership and direction and will give families back much needed quality family time. This is the problem we are aiming to solve.

Project “Here West”

Bizbuddyhub is currently working in the background to secure a location that can be a mixed use Hub (ecosystem) here in the West that aims to cater for corporate employees, Local professionals, trades and creatives, our kids and everything in-between. We see a collection of hubs (in one location) that support each other and become a destination in its own right. We know location, Wi-Fi, Parking and space are key as are champions in the corporate, government and educational sector, so this can become not just a place of work, but learning, mentorship, pathways, community, entrepreneurship, incubation and acceleration.

We need you!
If you haven’t already, get in touchsign up, show up, like our page, ask us! – we need all the stakeholder support we can get to make this vision a reality. If you are working for a corporate and would like to work locally, speak to us and your employer! If you live locally and run a business, join us, we are already joining the dots and doing great things in the here and now and you can be part of the founding members who are making this vision a reality. If you are a corporate, get in touch! We need your support and you as champions. If you are in government or an influencer we need you too.

Just start!
Now is the time to take some action. Instead of spending the next 12 months reacting to what happens around you, spend it being proactive, and armed with a vision and a plan to make 2016 your best one yet. Dare to dream big and you never know, you might even surprise yourself.

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BizBuddyHub is trying to achieve exactly that one postcode at a time! Joining the dots, making the community’s problems our problems to solve and creating a culture of collaboration and trust that together we can achieve more.

We Live Local, We Work Local, and We Love Local and we would love to have you join us on this journey.

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