BizBuddyHub Update October 2015

The latest update and activities from BizBuddyHub! .

Well we have certainly been busy, I feel like I have not stopped literally for the last 2 weeks, but we have had some great interactions with local people across small business, corporate commuters, community advocates, students, freelance professionals and Local Leaders and stakeholders

Attending the Committee for Wyndham event and getting an update of all the high level happenings in the West was very interesting, Chris Potaris CEO Committee for Wyndham gave a great overview and it was good have an update from Paul Byrne, Director of Economic Planning and Development from the MPA about the developments in the West. Big Things afoot.

It was a great opportunity to speak again with the Lovely Joanne Ryan Federal MP Lalor and BizBuddyHub Champion and connect with Craig Rowley CEO of Leadwest and know we are on the same page.

Later in the week after a sunny pop up netwalking session (kids and dogs in tow) around Sanctuary Lakes.

I rushed off in my sweaty BizBuddyHub T shirt with Susan McIntyre to meet with Jill Hennessy MP and her team to talk about BizbuddyHub and they are certainly excited to champion us and get us situated as soon as possible. (Excuse the hat hair in the photo – Mine not Jill’s, her hair as usual was amazing and perfect)

Early in the week was taken up with all things piraty and a band of little pirates campaigning a Wyndham City Council for our beloved Bayview Park Pirate Ship to be rebuilt (burned down by arsonists in Sept 14). I think Council heard us loud and clear. (Hope so anyway!)

I also was very honoured to Attend the ADC Future Summit with kind thanks to Thomas Anbeek at Start Up Victoria and was very excited to hear about how social enterprise and the future of work and business and how our vision aligns with where the world is going. The NFP models and Old Corporate Models are not sustainable and we need to find that third space of innovation, collaboration, Agility, commerciality and sustainability. Joining the Dots – cool totally get it

Then onto out very first Pop Up coworking event, Held on a sunny Thursday at a wonderful location at Gypsy Road Tapas Bar and Lounge at the Point Cook Town Centre. We collaborated, networked, made some content for our video, coworked, socialised and networked. Even mums with kids found it easy to do what they had to do because the kids were entertained too. Thank you the Anh and the team for being such gracious hosts.

What’s next?

Three more pop up events for this coming week and we hope to continue them throughout October and early November and come up with some creative options to keep it fun and engaging:

Tuesday 6th October Brett Carman from Grill’d is kindly hosting us at the Point Cook Town Centre and Virginia Rabottini from The Teeny Rabbit will be doing the coffee – How cool is that? Join us from 9-3pm at Grill’d (please RSVP)

Wednesday 7th October Larissa and Natalie from Masters Williams Landing will be creating a coworking space just for us and our Wonderful local Telstra business will be providing us with some mobile Wi-Fi, thanks Craig Kennedy. For those that don’t know, Masters is a great local community supporter and their café is a Social Enterprise, make sure to ask about it when you come. (please RSVP)

Thursday 8th October will be Back at Gypsy Road Tapas Bar and Lounge with Anh, Jay and the team and we hope to see you there again. (please RSVP)

We will put up the full list of events shortly and hope that you find time to join us, bring your laptop, schedule your meetings in the space or just pop by for a coffee and a chat?
Hopefully the back end of our membership, space and event management software will be up and running soon. We also hope that we get to confirm our location. Do you get the picture of the little duck gliding on the pond, that’s me and the team with little legs madly paddling underneath the water?

There are so many people to thank I do not think I would be able to do anyone justice on here, but BizBuddyHub the dream is only being made possible by the passion and energy that everyone who has connected with it has put in. The list is enormous and everyday more people engage and volunteer their time, expertise and services to help make this dream a reality. We are now! We are here! And, we are the future of the West. We Live Local, We work Local and We Love Local. Please join us and support us on our journey.

Thank you one and All!
Sara Mitchell
Founder BizBuddyHub


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