BizBuddyHub Update October 12th 2015

The latest news and activities from BizBuddyHub!

We have been popping up all over the place:

Last week saw us at Grill’d in Point Cook with a special pop in visit from our friendly local Councillor Bob Fairclough. Masters in Williams Landing and then back at Gypsy Road in Point Cook where we met and compared notes with Walter Villagonzalo (Wyndham citizen of the year).

Comments from attendees:

Christine Abela – Gecko Gully Websites
“I normally work from home, and it was wonderful to be able to sit down with local clients in person, and to meet other potential clients who called in. It was also good to be able to get great coffee, and Telstra’s Wi-Fi was wonderful! I was easily able to have several Skype meetings with clients in the USA.
It was also really nice to have other co-workers really close by, so I could refer people to them for different parts of their projects, and they could refer them to me.
Because of the technical nature of my work, I don’t think I could do this full time, but certainly a couple of days a week in a co-working space would suit me very well. I look forward to when there is a permanent location available”.

Loren Bartley – Impactiv8 & #BusinessAddicts
“In the space of one day I was able to meet face-to-face with seven different people that were on my hit list to either phone, email or meet up with. I was able to achieve this as several of those people were also co-working at BizBuddyHub that day. I also let a few other people in the area know that I was co-working at BizBuddyHub and that they should drop by and check it out. All-in-all a very productive day”.

Susan McIntyre – Welcome to Wyndham
“I was able to hold meetings there and connect with new people in the Community I haven’t met before. Sharing what it is all about and encouraging other local business owners to attend has been easy because of its friendly and accessible nature”.

Why Co-Work? Well watch this:

The evolution of the desk (

On Friday we attended the soft launch of the Yunus Social Business centre at La Trobe University and workshopped with the professors about unleashing potential. Many thanks to Rafiuddin Ahmed for inviting us along.
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What is a social business? (BizBuddyHub)

Our mentor and champion Tim Mahlberg (founder of NAB and current PhD at University of Sydney on “The future of Work”) blogged about us:

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What’s next?

Full list of events: (October)
Please find time to join us, bring your laptop, and schedule your meetings in the space or just pop by for a coffee and a chat?

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We are now! We are here! And, we are the future of the West. We Live Local, We work Local and We Love Local. Please join us and support us on our journey.

Thank you one and All!
Sara Mitchell

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