BizBuddyHub Update – November 28th 2015

Want to Know what has been happening at BizBuddyHub? Read on….

Does it get quieter? Do we ever get more time? It’s all go on so many fronts for our vision and for the day to day business of joining dots; some very “BIG” ones and lots of little ones with and for fellow BizBuddies.

Christmas is around the corner and most of us are working hard to deliver on expectations, so everyone can enjoy a well-earned break with their families. This is also a time where we are speaking to many different people from different walks of life and a lot of us are thinking about those less fortunate than us.

This year why not think about how you could add-value to each interaction with every other person you come into contact with? It could be a smile or a greeting, or an offer to help with a bulky package or offering someone a chair, but it could also be just finding out just a little bit more about the person and perhaps being able to make an introduction or join a dot to someone that will be beneficial to both.

The world has gone a bit crazy lately and we seem to forget that we are universally connected and we simply cannot focus on “what’s in it for me?”. In a world of abundance, it amazes me that we have such extremes and we do not seem to have the vision that we are merely custodians of this planet and we need to leave it in good shape for the generations to come.

BizBuddyHub is trying to achieve exactly that one postcode at a time! Joining the dots, making the community’s problems our problems to solve and creating a culture of collaboration and trust that together we can achieve more.

We Live Local, Work Local, Shop Local and We Love Local …. we would love to have you join us on this journey.

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