The 20 Minute Neighbourhood

Some great work was done by Plan Melbourne on the concept of the 20 Minute Neighborhood

The concept of everything being within 20 minutes of where you live, while not new, is certainly something that we have lost sight of in recent times, while we have been focusing on infrastructure and traffic issues.

We know that some 70% of our local community has to commute to their jobs and it takes between 2-4 hours a day to get to and from work, a lot of these jobs are not customer facing and could be done locally if a fit-for-work environment existed.

We know that some 30% are self-employed or a micro-biz in the local area and would either love to work in a local collaborative environment or would certainly interact and benefit from a local collaborative mixed use environment.

We also know that this type of environment will benefit the local economy, will provide leadership and direction and will give families back much needed quality family time.

This is the problem we are aiming to solve.

20 Minute Neighbourhood

Project Advocacy

BizBuddyHub advocated in the background for a location that can be a mixed use Hub (ecosystem) here in the West that aims to cater for corporate employees, Local professionals, trades and creatives, our kids and everything in-between.

We see a collection of hubs (in one location) that support each other and become a destination in its own right.

We know location, Wi-Fi, Parking and space are key as are champions in the corporate, government and educational sector, so this can become not just a place of work, but learning, mentorship, pathways, community, entrepreneurship, incubation and acceleration.

This type of project needs many champions and we continue to keep this conversation alive.

Eco System

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