What is BizBuddyHub?

We connect our local business community and provide a marketplace that enables you to grow and share resources in a collaborative, sustainable and social ecosystem that supports our local economy and social cohesion. We are committed to continue to create the best business community in Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit and across Wyndham

The vision is to create solutions from the grassroots up through a culture of collaboration that supports small business through a peer-to-peer network to optimise under-utilised resources and join the dots between people, spaces and services and programs in a cost-effective way that helps everyone sustain themselves and grow locally.

We create a strong ethos around community and the “20 Minute neighbourhood” model that advocates for and creates opportunities to work in your “own post code” create your own opportunities around future of work and future of community.

BizBuddyHub is not limited to a coworking space in Wyndham but is a local marketplace membership model that allows everyone in the community the opportunity to connect and trade their skills, products, spare resources and spaces in a simple, relaxed and friendly way that creates cohesion and local economy.

We are piloting our model out of Wyndham City which is the fastest growing area in Australia, we believe that growth areas, outer-metro areas and regional areas need to decentralise and focus on growing their own local economy and community

Our Vision is to create a connected outer-metro and regional network of BizBuddyHubs (clusters) that allow small business to connect, collaborate and support one another.

We are all about creating an inclusive, connected, collaborative co-working environment in the outer metropolitan areas to strengthen the Small / Micro Biz proposition.


We foster peer-to-peer mentorship, innovation and inclusivity across all pillars of community, and, hope to offer ‘work in your own postcode’ options to gridlocked corporate commuters.


We Live Local, Work Local, Shop Local and We Love Local and we would love you to join us.
BizBuddyHub is the portal you need to connect to for business networking in Werribee, Tarneit, Point Cook or anywhere in Wyndham

BizBuddyHub members outside Gypsy Road restaurant